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General Terms and Conditions for Use of Website

This document describes the General Terms and Conditions for use of the www.bfservizi.it Website owned by BF Servizi s.r.l., with headquarters at Via A. Maserati 18, 40128 Bologna, Italy, VAT no. 03821790379, registered in the Bologna Administrative Index at no. BO 318328. Such terms and conditions must be respected by all persons who intend to navigate on the pages of such Website.

Access to the www.bfservizi.it Website and any other action involving navigation on its Web pages constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. So that users may understand these Terms and Conditions, this document may be accessed by means of a link on the www.bfservizi.it home page and on the other pages of the Website. If the user does not intend to accept these Terms and Conditions, he/she should refrain from navigating on the Website.

Moreover, anyone who access the www.bfservizi.it Website implicitly declares that he/she is at least 18 years of age and that he/she will not use the Website and its contents for any unlawful purpose.

BF Servizi s.r.l. reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice to users, without prejudice to their obligation to read these Terms and Conditions from time to time before accessing the Website contents.
If goods and services are offered on the Web pages of the www.bfservizi.it Website, and if such goods and services are subject to specific terms and conditions expressly indicated on such pages, such terms and condition will prevail over those in this document in case of any disagreements, inconsistencies, and/or differences.

Website contents

By means of its Website, BF Servizi s.r.l. intends to offer general information regarding its activity and that of the other companies of BolognaFiere Group. Although such information is constantly checked and updated by trained and specifically chosen personnel, it is understood that the contents of Web pages should not be considered exhaustive or complete or necessarily correct with reference to the subject matter in question.

Therefore, users who intend to rely on the information given on the Website should make an additional and independent check that such information is correct.

In this regard, BF Servizi s.r.l. informs users that the material on its Website should be considered "as-is," i.e., it may not be adequate and/or suitable for specific purposes and interests of the person who accesses its pages, or may contain elements which, if re-used, may cause violations of third-party intellectual property rights.

The Website may have links to websites of third parties and to other companies in the BolognaFiere Group. In the first case, hypertext links have the sole purpose of facilitating the user's navigation without there being any relation between the content of the www.bfservizi.it Website and that of the third party, which remains outside the sphere of BF Servizi s.r.l.

In addition, BF Servizi s.r.l. informs users that it does not have any influence on the structure of third-party websites linked to its own, nor does it have information regarding the truthfulness, correctness, and adequacy of the materials and/or information contained therein, even if there are contractual relations between BF Servizi s.r.l. and the third party owner of the linked website.
In the second case, these Terms and Conditions are to be considered fully effective and binding, with the express instruction that if such linked website contains specific terms and conditions of use in relation to goods and services offered, such terms and condition will prevail over those in this document.

Industrial and intellectual property rights

All of the contents on the www.bfservizi.it Website are protected by copyright and by applicable industrial and/or intellectual property laws. For purposes of example only, Website content is understood to mean, among other things:
- texts;
- photographs;
- videos;
- data banks;
- graphics and charts;
- slogans;
- audio reproductions;
- animated and non-animated drawings;

- any graphic representation and/or text in general.

Therefore, users may not copy and/or reproduce Website contents in whole or in part without the express authorization of BF Servizi s.r.l.
Likewise, users are informed that all trademarks, domain names, company names, firms, and signs on the Website are owned by companies in the BolognaFiere Group and are therefore protected by applicable laws concerning distinctive signs.

Users are is therefore prohibited from reproducing same in any form or way without the express authorization of BF Servizi s.r.l. and are likewise prohibited from registering "BF Servizi" names under any top level domain.

In addition, users are informed that the pages of the Website may display trademarks, domain names, company names, firms, and signs owned by third parties with which BF Servizi s.r.l. and/or one of the companies in the BolognaFiere Group collaborate for various purposes, and that such trademarks, domain names, company names, firms, and signs are given the same protection granted to the distinctive signs of BolognaFiere Group under applicable law.

Lastly, BF Servizi s.r.l. informs users that they are prohibited from using any and all of the distinctive signs owned by BF Servizi s.r.l. and by the BolognaFiere Group, i.e., as HTML language commands which, even if not involving the display or formatting of a certain command, nevertheless provide instructions to electronic agents or to search engines to increase the accessibility of any website other than those referable to the BolognaFiere Group.

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